Residential housing

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Residential housing

One of our expertise

Ballast Nedam deploys a lot of expertise daily, residential housing included. Throughout the Netherlands, we make people feel right at home. We build residential housing with an eye on the future: gas-free and attention to the client’s wishes.

At Ballast Nedam, we like to be involved in our projects as early as possible in the process. This allows us to advise our client on the most efficient and sustainable construction method. Do we opt for timber construction or concrete construction? And do we build traditionally, or do we go off the beaten track? Everything is possible.

Sustainable residential areas

Building sustainable homes—a challenge we are happy to take on. Keeping an eye on the future, we build completely gas-free and as energy-neutral as possible.

In the Eindhoven garden village of Berckelbosch, we realised about 900 homes with specific heat and sound insulation. Even the street lamps are energy efficient. Every home is gas-free so that renewable energy sources are given space. The result is an Energy Performance Coefficient of zero.

High-quality housing

Ballast Nedam often operates regionally. For example, our Laudy Bouw & Ontwikkeling organisational unit is familiar in Limburg and Ballast Nedam Zuid feels at home in North Brabant and Zeeland. Heddes Bouw & Ontwikkeling and Ballast Nedam West also have their preferred regions where they have built their network and expertise.

Because we are so close to the market and the client, we can carefully implement the Plan of Requirements. We choose the best installations and discuss our construction methods as early as possible. That is why we deliver quality.

A selection of projects

We have already realised thousands of houses where new residents feel at home. A selection from our residential housing portfolio:

PuurThuys: our concept homes

With PuurThuys, we build from a concept in which the construction process is standardised. We make it extra easy for our customers. In four steps, we realise homes that are perfectly tailored to the target group. Because the construction method and techniques are already known in advance, we can build quickly and predictably. After all, we know exactly where we stand. PuurThuys is the result of a combination of knowledge and strength between Laudy Bouw & Ontwikkeling and Ballast Nedam Zuid.

The concept is based on the principles of BENG: buildings that are nearly energy neutral. With small measures, our client can also opt for a version according to NOM (Zero On the Meter) or energy-neutral requirements.

All PuurThuys homes have a ventilation system with heat recovery (HRV) as standard. By linking the clean air concept to this system, the supply air is made fine-dust free. This saves energy and ensures a healthy and comfortable indoor climate. The air quality indoors is even better than outdoors.

Flexible Modular Casco

How can we realise residential housing in an affordable and fast way? Our organisational unit Heddes Bouw & Ontwikkeling, worked with partners and came up with the 'Flexible Modular Casco' for ground-level homes. According to efficient logistics, as many elements as possible are prefabricated in the factory. Then, they are brought to the construction site in an efficient manner and in the correct order. "It is a well-oiled team. A train that makes the most of the advantages of this construction system."

  • Ballast Nedam West

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  • Ballast Nedam Zuid

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  • Laudy Bouw & Ontwikkeling

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