BIM basic Infra allows the infrastructure sector to work seamlessly in 3D

Today BIM basis Infra is introduced by the Vakgroep Ingenieursbureaus Bouwbedrijven (VIB) of Bouwend Nederland and the BIM Loket. With BIM basis Infra, agreements on data exchange are set up wich allows the sector to take an important step towards better digital collaboration. Better use of digitalisation and computerisation is an important 'driver' in enabling a leap in productivity. The exchange of digital information between clients and contractors is essential in this respect and accelerates digitalisation of the infrastructure sector. This is only possible if all parties involved speak the same language.

“This provides clients, contractors, suppliers and subcontractors in the infrastructure with a common language for 3D modelling,” says Paulus Eckhardt, leader of this development and also Director Design & Engineering at Ballast Nedam. "The BIM basis infra is not a new standard, but an answer to the question: how are we going to exchange digital information in the infrastructure in a structured and unambiguous way?"

With BIM basis Infra, agreements have been made about exchanging models such as file names and types of CAD files (such as .dwg). But also information about which geographical coordinate system is used to position a bridge or road so that all models fit together. "In addition, we document which information we add to 3D models, like the materials we use (such as concrete or asphalt)," says Eckhardt.

BIM basis Infra

“The initiative for BIM basis Infra arose in September 2018 on the Marktdag of Rijkswaterstaat,” says Eckhardt. “At the initiative of VIB and the BIM Loket, a group of BIM specialists from Ballast Nedam, BAM, BESIX, Boskalis, Dura Vermeer, Heijmans, Roelofs, TBI company Mobilis, Van Oord and VolkerWessels met at the Bouwcampus in November 2019. Following a similar initiative from the utility and housing construction sector (BIM basis ILS) - we agreed to draw up basic agreements for the exchange of unambiguous digital information and the structure of 3D models. ”

The initiators express the expectation that a growing number of parties in construction will join the initiative to use these basic agreements for a 3D model. The BIM Loket wholeheartedly supports this initiative. All relevant documents are therefore made available via the BIM Loket website.

Do you want to join?

Is your company convinced that handling and propagating this BIM basic infrastructure is necessary for BIM to yield a profit in the chain? Then join! Fill in the participation form and send in your logo. You then declare that your company will actively ensure that your own organization and direct chain partners apply this basis.

BIM basis Infra in picture

Click here to download the BIM basic Infra infographic.