BIM4Project Data management

BIM4Project Data management is the core of BIM4Project. Steven van der Geest explains in the video below how Ballast Nedam takes information management to a higher level. 

Various projects and tenders use uniform data structures and a standard information landscape. This makes it easy to link information to planning, budget and visualisations such as GIS, 3D and 4D.

BIM4Project | Datamanagement

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About BIM4Project

BIM has acquired a stable place in our building process. From the moment the first drawing is made, the emphasis is on smart data capture so all parties involved can work integrally together. BIM continues to play a crucial role during the entire cycle of construction and maintenance of every building and infrastructure project. This way we increase efficiency and lower failure costs.

Ballast Nedam distinguishes herself with her BIM4Project approach. BIM4Project is the collective name of four subareas in the project in which BIM is successfully applied: BIM2Design, BIM2Construct, BIM2Field, and BIM2Operate. For each project, we examine which components we use for a tender, work in progress or the management and maintenance phase. But the merging of the various phases and the interim data structuring are disciplines that Ballast Nedam masters like no other.