First pouring underwater concrete on A24 Blankenburg connection

After months of hard work, the time has come: the first underwater concrete pour of the Maasdelta tunnel on the A24 Blankenburg Connection project.

The concrete is poured into one of the deepest construction pit of the project, no less than 29 meters below NAP. In total we pour approximately 6000 m3 of concrete. This is expected to take about 80 hours, with no stopping in between.

In preparation for this milestone, we poured gravel in a 1:5 profile, measured anchor piles with multibeam and sunk reinforcement cages under difficult conditions. After the pour has taken place, work will continue on the concrete work to which one of the zinc elements of the Maasdelta tunnel will connect in a later phase.

Project A24 Blankenburgverbinding

A24 Blankenburgverbinding is a four kilometre long sequence of civil engineering constructions. Rijkswaterstaat commissioned Ballast Nedam and consortium partners DEME and Macquarie Capital to construct this project. The contract includes the design, construction, 20 years of maintenance, and approximately 1 billion euro financing. With two junctions, a land tunnel and a tunnel beneath the river Het Scheur, we aim to improve the accessibility of the Rotterdam region and contributed to the growth of the economy.

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