Ballast Nedam acquires Mouwrik Waardenburg: healthy growth ambition

Ballast Nedam and Mouwrik Waardenburg signed the purchase contract on Monday 21 March under which Ballast Nedam will be taking over the shares in the company. The road construction company, located in Waardenburg and Elst, will be added as an independent company to Ballast Nedam Road Specialties.

With the takeover, the next step taken in the growth of Ballast Nedam's road construction activities. Mouwrik Waardenburg was looking for a partner to ensure further growth and continuity of its activities, and Ballast Nedam aims to expand and strengthen its position in the market. The ambitions and wishes of both parties complement each other seamlessly.

The starting point for the takeover is that Mouwrik Waardenburg will continue to operate under its own name, with its own culture and the existing management from current locations.

Road and hydraulic engineering

Mouwrik Waardenburg works from Waardenburg and Elst and currently holds 65 employees. The company is active in civil engineering and has a strong regional position in the field of asphalt maintenance, preparation for construction and housing and inner-city reconstructions of roads and sewers. The three shareholders have jointly decided to sell the company in order to enable the company to continue to grow and to ensure continuity. Its working area is located in the Amsterdam-Zwolle and Eindhoven-Rotterdam line.

Director Roland Hein of Mouwrik Waardenburg explains: “We were looking for a partner who understands what we stand for and how we want to work. A partner who can further professionalise our company and add new knowledge and expertise. We found that partner in Ballast Nedam. Ballast Nedam has an entrepreneurial culture similar to ours. We have a no-nonsense mentality, we do as we promise and we believe that unburdening our clients is very important. There are short lines, everyone knows each other and we are close to the market. We look forward to continuing to build our company together with Ballast Nedam.”

We were looking for a partner who understands what we stand for and how we want to work.
Roland Hein Managing Director Mouwrik Waardenburg

Growth ambition

The acquisition is also a great way for Ballast Nedam to enable further growth in the region. Joep Hartjes, Managing Director of Ballast Nedam Road Specialties: “The acquisition by Ballast Nedam is a choice that is suitable to our company's growth strategy. We are looking for controlled, healthy growth. With this medium-sized company, we are strengthening our position in the regional market and we are creating a stronger organisation. The stability of our company, which has existed for more than 140 years, is a strong combination with the local network and the operational strength of Mouwrik Waardenburg. With Mouwrik Waardenburg, we achieve economies of scale and we are able to optimise yields. We are convinced that in this way we create a win-win situation.

New possibilities

The combination of the two companies will bring the service level to clients to an even higher level. The collaboration also offers employees new opportunities, because both parties can learn from each other and develop further.

The new partnership will develop in the coming months. The takeover is currently subject to approval by the Authority for Consumers and Markets (Autoriteit Consument & Markt).

Photo: Keek Fotografie