Final award development Smeetsland-Noord

The municipality of Rotterdam and woningcorporatie Havensteder have tendered for the development of the Smeetsland-Noord location. In the search for a developer for this area with 290 homes, Ballast Nedam Development was finally awarded with this project. 

The tender by the Municipality and Havensteder was set up with the task of creating a distinctive and high-quality living environment that leads to more differentiation in Lombardijen and Rotterdam Zuid. The assessment committee selected Ballast Nedam Development with their plan for the Tuinbuurt Vrijlandt on the basis of price and quality. The neighbourhood will be an important quality boost for the region and will contribute to the preservation of families and the middle class in this part of Rotterdam. In this way, the plan will also contribute significantly to the ambitions of the National Program Rotterdam South (NPRZ).

Energy-neutral garden city

With the development of Smeetsland-Noord, Rotterdam will gain a new energy-neutral city district: Tuinbuurt Vrijlandt. A sustainable neighbourhood where people from different target groups live and come together. A total of 290 rental and owner-occupied homes with high-quality of architecture and appearance are being realized.

The plan mainly consists of land-bound homes and has a rich variety of housing typologies, both semi-detached and detached. 50 (senior) apartments will also be realized, which together with 50 ground-level homes are intended for the Havensteder portfolio for social rent. This great differentiation in homes contributes to the Housing Vision Rotterdam 2030.

All houses are situated in a quiet oasis with water and greenery where walking and cycling are the main modes of transportation. The plan was designed in collaboration with Karres and Brands, KOW Architects and Ballast Nedam Road Specialties.

Ready for the 21st century

The architecture of the public area and the buildings are based on the characteristics of a garden village, where meeting and social cohesion form the core. The neighbourhood is characterized by a typical garden village appearance, where bay windows and detailing in the brickwork are an essential part of the design. By applying nest boxes, solar panels, electric shared cars and a neighbourhood greenhouse, this neighbourhood is completely in line with the trends of the 21st century.

Promoting health has an important place in both design and development. The green urban design with its rich variety of hedges, trees and the centrally located water feature, ensure the creation of a pleasant and socially designed neighbourhood.

The streets are designed for slow traffic. Cars can be parked mainly in parking lots between the building blocks, so that this is out of sight. This means that not only a child-friendly environment is created, but the character of the original garden village is also preserved. At least 4 stars are given to Tuinbuurt Vrijlandt from the DGBC Woonmerk, which shows that a sustainable neighbourhood is being realised.

Onno Dwars (director), Ballast Nedam Development: Tuinbuurt Vrijlandt in Rotterdam is an inner-city development, which suits us perfectly. With high ambitions in the field of inclusiveness, sustainability and health.

The municipality of Rotterdam, Havensteder and Ballast Nedam Development are very pleased to be able to realize together this neighbourhood of the future.

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