Buyers put their own house together online - right from the comfort of their own sofa

How would an extension look in your future home? Thanks to smart software and a database of 3D models, our buyers can make all the choices themselves. At home, without any stress. Ballast Nedam has officially launched this 3D configuration.

The Innobrix software has been tested at Ballast Nedam for a while now. In June 2021 the 3D configuration was fully running in a pilot project for buyers. In the meantime the software is being used in housing projects Slotjes and Berckelbosch (subplan Mahler) of Ballast Nedam Zuid. Now the pilot phase is over, Ballast Nedam has started an interactive cooperation with Innobrix.

Better insight for the buyers

Innobrix acts as a housing coach for the buyers. You can see it as an extension of the Ballast Nedam buyers' advisors. "We notice that buyers are really enthusiastic", says deputy director Carl Dolmans. "People who buy a house for the first time find themselves in a sea of options and choices. Thanks to this software, they are better able to picture their future home. This provides better insight and more peace of mind."

How does this software work?

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The buyers make their choices at home, at their own pace. They use the software to compose their entire house. The buyer can view the result from all angles and can even walk through the house virtually.

Ballast Nedam's engineers then download the corresponding Revit file and prepare the drawings. Carl Dolmans: "The conversations we have with the buyers have improved. Because they have already decided at home whether they want an extension or not, we can give them more in-depth advice."

A growing database

The database of 3D models continues to grow and improve. New models are added with every project or new object. In this way, we ensure that our buyers know exactly how they can put together their dream home in detail.

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