Electric mixer combination deployed on Princess Amaliahaven project

Building more sustainably on Dutch quays, roads and tunnels, one of the ways Ballast Nedam has been doing this since early 2023 is with a 100% electric mixer combination. This combination, consisting of a tractor and a mixer trailer, has a battery capacity of 600 kWh and is charged with green electricity from Dutch wind.

In recent months, the electric mixer combination has been in full use while pouring concrete on project Prinses Amaliahaven, where Ballast Nedam is collaborating on the expansion of the Port of Rotterdam. If you compare this deployment to traditional fossil-powered equipment, this mixer combination prevented as much as 300 kilograms of CO2 emissions per day.

"This deployment has taught us lessons about how to transport concrete on a job completely emission-free," says Jos Kamphuis, sustainability consultant at Ballast Nedam. "The deployment is quite feasible, the available battery capacity is sufficient and, in addition, it is very pleasant to work with the virtually silent and powerful combination."

Charging on site

The mixer combination consists of a 4*2 Volvo FM Electric tractor with a 540 kWh battery pack and a mixer trailer with its own 60 kWh battery pack. Because the mixer trailer has its own battery pack, it does not need to be connected to the tractor's PTO. This results in an advantage in the range. Jos says: "During the transports over the mixed granulate rubble tracks on project Princess Amaliahaven, the truck had a range of approximately 282 kilometers. The expected range from Volvo is about 300 kilometers, so this result is pretty good!"

Charging of the mixer trailer is done at night with an 11 kW AC type 2 connection and in front of the truck is a 43 kW AC wallbox type 2. While waiting at the concrete pump, the battery pack of the mixer trailer is recharged in between. As a result, sufficient battery capacity is always available.

The truck had a range of approximately 282 kilometers
Jos Kamphuis sustainability advisor Ballast Nedam

Sustainable together

The electric mixer combination is a collaboration of Ballast Nedam, De Bruyn Transport and Koster Cultuurtechniek. By joining forces, we can upscale electric equipment and deploy it flexibly on sustainable projects. The electric tractor, equipped with tipper trailer, has also already performed work for a road construction project in Aalsmeer and the A24 Blankenburg connection in Rotterdam. On project Dijkversterking Arnhem, a project that has a completely emission-free construction site, the electric tractor will also play an important role.

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