Busstation and Station Hall Amsterdam Noord

A project that exists of two roofed platforms, a railway building, a bicycle parking and two bus platforms

Station Noord will soon be thé transport interchange of Amsterdam Noord

It is the most northern station of the new North/South line. Haitsma Beton has supplied the girders, beams and columns for the station hall and the girders and beams for the bus platforms.

  • 176 HKO girders
  • 52 narrow rail girders
  • 35 heavy beams

Station Noord exists of two roofed platforms, a railway building, bicycle parking and two bus platforms.

Station hall and bus passage

It is special that an extra floor of the station hall has been created below the above-ground metro station. Haitsma Beton has supplied 35 heavy beams and six columns, among others. 

Bus platforms

The bus platforms along the metro station will be elevated, so they will connect to the central hall on the first floor. The 176 HKO girders in front of these platforms are six to seven metres in length. Six small beams with a length of twelve metres have also been supplied. Haiitsma Beton also took on the engineering aspect of the girders.

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Wim Comello

Managing Director Haitsma Beton

In 1986 Wim started at Haitsma Beton and after various positions, he has been working as Managing Director since 2013. Since 2019 is he also responsible for Hoco Beton. His pride lies in the personal growth of the employees and the achievements of the two individual companies.

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