Connection between animal and plant species

A nationally appropriate design

Ecoduct Zeepoort

The construction of Ecoduct Zeepoort over the Zeeweg ensures a good connection between the subregions in the National Park. In addition, the ecoduct is beneficial for the exchange of plant and animal species. In this way, the flora and fauna in the area remains healthy.

  • 24,000 m3 concrete poured
  • 3 months ahead of schedule
To accentuate the unique location of the Zeeweg and to achieve Bloemendaal’s desire for a distinguished solution regarding the ecoduct, there are high expectations for the appearance of the ecoduct. The scenic integration was the key assessment criterion during the selection process. The design submitted by Ballast Nedam was considered to be the best, thus we were awarded with the project. Apart from the layout, which ensures an optimal experience of the dune scenery, road safety and social safety of cyclists and pedestrians were also of importance.

Road safety

The new ecoduct creates a larger habitat for plants and animals, such as deer, weasels, blindworms, sand lizards, natterjack toads, wild roses and several butterfly species. Larger animals like the deer will learn to use the ecoduct to cross the road as soon as they find it. This will decrease the risk of collisions and so road safety improves.

Huge task

Both the design and construction process have unique characteristics. Whilst driving through the ‘Zeemeeuw’, you will be able to see a beautiful ribbed pattern, which will remind you of a "beachsite on which water and wind have done their job". A huge task, though with an excellent result, according to the project manager.

In order to constrain the inconvenience for traffic during the pouring of 24,000 m3 of concrete, an ambitious 24-hour approach has been chosen. In this way, the Zeeweg reopened in good time before the first beach tourists wanted to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Due to thorough planning and favourable conditions, the project has been successfully completed three months ahead of schedule.

More information?

Thom Hienekamp

Managing Director Ballast Nedam Park & Connect

Thom is Managing Director of Ballast Nedam Park & Connect and, with his team, is involved in the design and construction of high-quality mobility links. Such as parking garages, bridges and viaducts. Everything is based on the principle of the learning organisation and servant leadership: the inverted management pyramid. Thom always keeps his dream in mind; a fully circular living environment. In which people can move around easily, happily and safely and connect with each other.

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