Temporary Car Park for the Reinier de Graaf Hospital

Flexible car park in a small space

A complete five-storey car park exceeds all expectations

The Reinier de Graaf Gasthuis medical center built a new building. The old parking garage had to make way for this. So the hospital was looking for temporary alternative parking facilities, with one large parking deck in mind. We exceeded expectations with a complete five-story garage. Which we adapted to the requirements and delivered within four months.

  • 633 parking spots
  • 5 storeys
  • 3.500 m2 surface area


The Reinier de Graaf Hospital planned to build a new medical centre on their small premises. The existing car park had to make way for it, so they were looking for a way to fill that gap and simultaneously expand their parking capacity, as parking pressure had increased temporarily because of the many construction workers present onsite. They envisioned a single large parking deck on top of the existing car park.


A complete, compact car park with five levels exceeded all expectations. It required a smaller surface area and less expensive foundations. Because the built-up surface area of the car park was smaller than that of a single large deck, there was natural daylight on all floors, saving on energy costs and giving the car park a pleasant atmosphere. All of this was achieved using ModuPark prefabricated modules, which are fully reusable afterwards and retain a high residual value.


Together with the Reinier de Graaf Hospital, we fine-tuned the plan. For example, an underground cable shaft was in the way of the foundations, a problem we addressed by simply changing the shape of the car park. We also decided to build the car park facing onto the children’s rehabilitation centre one level lower, to retain an attractive view. For the same reason, we fitted that side with a canvas depicting a forest.


We built the entire car park in just four months, after which it was ready for use. The short construction period kept inconvenience to a minimum. People are very enthusiastic about the car park’s user-friendliness. For example, there are no columns between the parking spaces and the ceiling is completely flat, making it easy to get a clear view of the entire space. Finally, we agreed that we will buy back and disassemble the car park after use, so that we can deploy it again elsewhere.

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Thom Hienekamp

Managing Director Ballast Nedam Park & Connect

Thom is Managing Director of Ballast Nedam Park & Connect and, with his team, is involved in the design and construction of high-quality mobility links. Such as parking garages, bridges and viaducts. Everything is based on the principle of the learning organisation and servant leadership: the inverted management pyramid. Thom always keeps his dream in mind; a fully circular living environment. In which people can move around easily, happily and safely and connect with each other.

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