Operating when a building is already in use

Focus on the maintenance and total operation of integral projects

Ballast Nedam Asset Management

One of our organisational units

Ballast Nedam consists of 18 organisational units, including Ballast Nedam Asset Management (Asset Management). Asset Management focuses on the maintenance and total operation of integral projects. A distinctive part of their way of working is that the work is being done when the building is already in use.

Challenge each other continuously

Challenging clients to find the best possible solution for their buildings and hiring skilled people to do the work properly; that is Asset Management in a nutshell. Given that the operating phase can last for thirty years, long-term procedures within integral projects are unavoidable. Asset Management first analyses these procedures, advises on the best strategy and identifies the risks in advance. The next step is to develop a transition plan in which the end-user can continue to use the building when it is finished. After that, Asset Management continues to execute the maintenance in cooperation with experienced partners. This way, it creates value for the client, and remains involved for years to come.

The character of Ballast Nedam Asset Management

“Our client is not only our client, but it is also our partner and even our colleague,” says Walter van Gurp, Managing Director Ballast Nedam Asset Management. “A partnership based on trust is key. Our people are passionate, reliable and above all committed. That commitment is so far-reaching that we manage our clients’ assets almost better than our own.”

To manage these extensive projects, Asset Management combines its own staff with various partners. It provides knowledge in the field of contract management, financing, coordination and supervision. Partners are contracted to execute the operational services. A unique combination, which ensures diligent service provision and satisfied clients.

Involved from the start

Manoeuvring within contracts: that is the core strength of Asset Management. From an operational and maintenance perspective, it examines the design of the building. Doing so, it takes on the responsibility of managing the project, which allows it to accurately assess what is needed during the operating phase. This role is useful throughout the process: from the layout of a building, to product procurement and finding the right partners. For example, at Justitieel Complex Zaanstad, an in-between storage facility for various non-food products is created for each cluster of five departments. Stock is now easily accessible, staff movements are minimised and defects can be repaired even faster. Another topic of consideration is the generation of sustainable energy via PV panels, ensuring that the complex is self-sufficient in energy and can store excess energy locally.

A selection of projects

Ballast Nedam Asset Management has dozens of challenging projects to its name. A selection of the portfolio:

‘Best in class’

Years of knowledge and experience enable Asset Management to acquire ‘best in class’. But what does this mean? As soon as a project enters the maintenance phase, specific expertise is contracted on the basis of the client’s specific requests. That creates the opportunity to accommodate almost every request. Think of a large structural expansion that can be facilitated, but also smaller requirements such as the digitisation of data or the use of new technologies. One example is the provision of pLTE 5G technology in a prison, which combines and supports various functions in a user-friendly manner on a single device. Staff can now work more safely and efficiently by carrying less equipment with them.

Continuous unburden of the client

Asset Management is an expert in unburdening the client and its users. This requires open communication and intensive cooperation, whereby it challenges itself to look beyond the familiar world and the standard solutions. In practice, this means thinking along with the client in achieving its goals. A current topic is the impact of the corona pandemic on the working methods and the way housing is organised within large buildings. Asset Management supervises these processes and thinks along with the practical and efficient redesign of spaces. It also tackles out-of-the-box challenges. At Justitieel Complex Zaanstad, this led to a smart solution for the coffee supply. Since the prison has its own coffee roasting plant, the idea arose to process homemade coffee in the machines. This has improved the quality of the coffee and has also created new educational opportunities for inmates. By facilitating this, Asset Management creates sustainable partnerships and initiatives that ultimately benefit all parties.

More information?

Walter van Gurp

Managing Director Ballast Nedam Asset management

Walter began his career in the railway sector, where he worked on various formula developments such as the implementation of the well-known OV chip card. Since 2008, he has been working on integral projects within Ballast Nedam. A part of the building sector in which he uses his knowledge about tender and contract management daily.