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Ballast Nedam Development

One of our organisational units

Ballast Nedam consists of 18 organisational units, including Ballast Nedam Development (Development). Development stands for the decisive development of a healthy and sustainable living environment in urban areas. 

Urban development with a close eye on people and nature

The highest quality standard in urban development contributes to a world in which people and nature live in harmony. Throughout the Netherlands, innovative and sustainable solutions are devised and applied, powerful partnerships are sought at local, national and international levels, and processes for stakeholders are accelerated.

Ballast Nedam Development is an experienced and decisive partner for large-scale and high-quality urban development. All teams exceed ambitions, drive radical change and accelerate processes. They determine measurable goals together with stakeholders and create the highest quality level for people and nature.

The character of Ballast Nedam Development

Onno Dwars, CEO of Ballast Nedam Development and winner of the ABN-AMRO Sustainable 50 award, believes that “With urban development, we lay the foundation for a long, healthy and happy life in an area. You must fulfil this role consciously and with the greatest of care. The interaction between the hard and soft aspects of our profession is becoming more important year after year. Our creative and resilient development teams continue to take this further, and we encourage that. What we do is not only of economic value but also of social value. Our team members are given the space and confidence to make a difference. This creates innovative solutions, in the field of sustainability and health, for example, in which the division distinguishes itself."

Innovative, sustainable and award-winning solutions

The high standards ensure striking results, which are recognised by various authorities. For example, Ballast Nedam Development has received four out of five stars from the Dutch Green Building Council (DGBC) for various sub-phases of De Groene Loper. The PBL has shown that poor air quality and noise pollution are a thing of the past, and the WOZ value in the surrounding neighbourhoods increased by more than 220 million euros when the public area was completed. The team consciously makes the efforts demonstrable and measurable to know the added value of the initiatives. 

The Green Avenue

The Green Avenue in Maastricht was recently awarded a European Award for Sustainable Residential Development. This international prize is yearly awarded to a textbook example of urban development that considers our impact on the immediate environment, the world and the future. The project offers innovative, sustainable solutions and powerful partnerships.

A team of 35 colleagues put their heart and soul into creating a future-proof and high-quality with 1,145 energy-neutral homes. We also promote biodiversity by designing green lots, maintaining the mature greenery in the parking courtyards, and sowing a bee ribbon.

Global collaborations and developments

Ballast Nedam Development collaborates with many municipalities, NGOs such as JOGG (Youth at a Healthy Weight), Jantje Beton, Bird Protection and various universities. The Sustainable Development Goals of the UN are leading in every facet of the organisation. Examples such as Food Center Amsterdam, Cartesius Utrecht, Hart van Zuid Rotterdam, Berckelbosch Eindhoven and the De Groene Loper Maastricht are just a few developments constantly being looked at to increase ambition in the social field and the physical environment.

Ballast Nedam Development looks at global developments, such as the international scientific theory of so-called Blue Zones, places where people demonstrably live longer.

Inspired by the ingredients that determine this, we investigate together with Development how to create living areas where people live longer, healthier and happier lives. In Maastricht, we worked together with Projectbureau A2 Maastricht; together, we put the dot on the horizon for sustainable urbanization on many levels. “When you can exert a positive influence on urban developments, you will outgrow the role of 'developing buildings' and become a director in making society healthier,” believes CEO Onno Dwars.

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Onno Dwars

CEO Ballast Nedam Development

As CEO of Ballast Nedam Development, Onno pushes boundaries to make the world a better place for both human and nature.

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