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Haitsma Beton

One of our organisational units

Ballast Nedam consists of 18 organisational units, including Haitsma Beton. Haitsma Beton has been a part of Ballast Nedam since 1993. They design and produce concrete elements. These elements can be found throughout the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Sweden and the United Kingdom. 

Haitsma Beton has its own concrete plant and six production halls with modern equipment and a large lifting capacity. From these locations, they design and produce precast concrete elements for various market segments, such as barriers and piles and exceptionally long prestressed girders used in bridges and viaducts. Other elements are used in stations, car parks, buildings and roads.

The combination of separate organisations

Haitsma Beton collaborates intensely with Hoco Beton, which is also a part of Ballast Nedam. These two companies have similarities, as well as their own expertise. Part of the specialist expertise of Haitsma Beton is in the field of concrete vehicle markings: precast concrete barriers. This in-house design of the vehicle barrier system has led to an international success story.

The strength of Haitsma Beton

Haitsma Beton is a dynamic organisation with over ninety colleagues. Its flat organisational structure enables it to respond quickly to the dynamics inherent in construction processes. The expertise of the professionals is characteristic. The organisation's strength lies in its dedication to offering the best possible prefab solution for each project. All ninety colleagues solve problems together and honour agreements. Investing in our people is done through training and guidance. Opportunities are offered to young talent with high ambitions.


Because of its specific expertise, Haitsma Beton can advise on the best possible precast concrete solution for each project. Moreover, they know how to ask the right questions and can meet the needs of each client. In this, an open and transparent attitude is very important.

Haitsma Beton does not shy away from challenges, stresses Director Wim Comello, "We thrive on coming up with solutions for products that seem impossible at first. We challenge ourselves to push boundaries."

Strong focus on community engagement

Haitsma Beton is located in Kootstertille, Friesland. Its factory is located near urban areas. That makes community engagement a key priority. Haitsma maintains close contact with all relations that are part of their immediate surroundings. They organise the transport of large and heavy equipment in cooperation with the local residents. As a result, they do not cause any unnecessary inconvenience to the surrounding area.

Haitsma Beton also works on sustainable developments. For example, since concrete contributes to increased CO2 emissions through cement production, Haitsma Beton is investigating ways to reduce this significantly, e.g., they have started carrying out tests with geopolymers, a sustainable substitute that does not consist of cement.

Safety is extremely important with large and heavy equipment. Safety rounds and inspections contribute to safety awareness and have a preventive effect. The consistent execution of these rounds requires great commitment from our people. In the field of digitalisation, Haitsma Beton is taking steps to parameterise calculations for prestressed beams. They are currently applying this technique to new products.

More information?

Wim Comello

Managing Director Haitsma Beton

In 1986 Wim started at Haitsma Beton and after various positions, he has been working as Managing Director since 2013. Since 2019 is he also responsible for Hoco Beton. His pride lies in the personal growth of the employees and the achievements of the two individual companies.

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