Visit minister Van Nieuwenhuizen at the Blankenburg Connection

On Wednesday 16 April, Cora van Nieuwenhuizen, Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management, visited the Blankenburg Connection. Our colleagues showed the minister how they are dealing with the current measures at this project. "Eighteen months ago I was allowed to give the starting shot here. It is unbelievably impressive to see what beautiful things are achieved under special circumstances. This is important for traffic and for our economy."

Blankenburg Connection

In addition to the Van Brienenoord bridge and the Benelux tunnel, the Rotterdam area will get a third crucial connection between North and South: the Blankenburg connection. This will link the A20 at Vlaardingen to the A15 in the port area, giving rise to a number of significant positive impacts on the accessibility and economic situation of the entire region. Rijkswaterstaat has commissioned us and our consortium partners, DEME and Macquarie Capital, to create this new and impressive connection. It will feature two intersections, a land tunnel and a tunnel beneath the River Scheur.

The A24, the new motorway that is to be constructed, is part of a four-kilometre series of technical constructions. It will feature a sunken intersection at the A20, followed by a sunken road section and then a land tunnel, so as to leave the landscape intact. There will also be two viaducts crossing a road and a railway, a dam and then the technical highlight: a 945-m long tunnel beneath the River Scheur. The final section is an above-ground intersection with the A15.