VVD Member of Parliament De Groot visits the Blankenburgverbinding

On 27 September, VVD Member of Parliament Peter de Groot visited the A24 Blankenburgverbinding project. During the tour by Ronald de Geus, Managing Director of Ballast Nedam Infra Projects, De Groot found out more about the project and shared his thoughts on the infrastructure sector.

During the visit, Ballast Nedam and Dutch Member of Parliament Peter de Groot discussed the future of the infrastructure sector. We spoke about the challenges the sector is facing, such as the predictability of projects and the way of retaining and transferring knowledge. We also discussed the use of innovation and the opportunities for strengthening cooperation between the client and the contractor in future projects.

“We are delighted that VVD Member of Parliament De Groot took the initiative to discuss the future of our sector and its challenges,” says Ronald de Geus. “De Groot’s visit is a great opportunity to show what we at Ballast Nedam are capable of in extremely complex circumstances. Giving each other transparency, in terms of capabilities and requirements, results in better cooperation within the industry, with opportunities for innovation, learning and improved results for contractors and clients.”

Ongoing dialogue

In the coming period, the Netherlands is facing major changes in the areas of technology, sustainability and urbanisation. In addition, the infrastructure, as well as the mobility, will continue to become smarter, safer and greener. “It is nice to discuss the solutions which our sector offers with politicians and what’s needed to keep on building,” emphasises Johran Willegers, infra advocate at Bouwend Nederland. “What better way to do that than by taking a guided tour together with policymakers at this project where the work is actually done.”

About the project

The Dutch Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management commissioned the construction consortium BAAK, a partnership between Ballast Nedam, DEME and Macquarie Capital, to realise the A24 Blankenburgverbinding. In 2024, the new A24 connects the A20 at Vlaardingen with the A15 at Rozenburg and includes a deepened junction, a land tunnel, two viaducts, a dam and an immersed tunnel under the river Scheur. The A20 between the new Vlaardingen and Kethelplein junction will be widened by one lane in both directions.

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