A9 Bridge Over the Gaasp, Amsterdam

Two new bridges existing of five spans

We install huge box girders, HKP and HKV's

Haitsma Beton supplies huge prestressed box girders for both bridges. The biggest ones are 57 metres in length, two metres in width and weigh 230 thousand kilograms.

  • 57 metres length
  • 2 metres width
  • 230 ton weight
The two new bridges exist of five spans to ensure its stability. During construction, the 23 metres long girders will be applied to the shortest spans. The 57 metre girder will be applied to the longest span in the middle. Usually the width of a girder is 1.48 metres, but this project required girders of two metres.

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Wim Comello

Managing Director Haitsma Beton

In 1986 Wim started at Haitsma Beton and after various positions, he has been working as Managing Director since 2013. Since 2019 is he also responsible for Hoco Beton. His pride lies in the personal growth of the employees and the achievements of the two individual companies.

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