5 bridges in the heart of Guinea

A solution to congestion and unsafety on the road

Five Bridges project in Guinea

Improved access to urban areas, greater economic opportunities for the inhabitants and faster routes to hospitals and other facilities: these are some of the aims of the Five Bridges project in Conakry, the busy capital of Guinea. Ballast Nedam is building five bridges and 12 kilometres of road surface together with Dutch companies, Dijkstaal International, Invest International and the governments of the Netherlands and Guinea.

  • 5 bridges
  • 764 metres total bridge length
  • 12 road surface km

Traveling more smoothly and safely

Traffic in the heart of Guinea is busier than ever. The five steel bridges will relieve the highways and make it safer to get from A to B. The bridges are build-up out of steel trusses with a length of 48 metres and will have two lanes of traffic. The Kassonyah (92 metres in length), Koroty and Demoudoulla (144 metres in length) and Kissosso and Kakimbo (192 metres in length) will have pedestrian walkways on both sides to ensure the safety of pedestrians.

'Hand over hand'

The bridges are being built in a special way, also known as 'hand over hand'. This works as follows: two cranes work at the front of the structure and a gantry crane delivers the building materials via the upper truss. This construction method enables us to carry out this logistically complex project efficiently.

Building for (and with) the African population

Care for the environment and quality of life is paramount. With environmental and social plans, we ensure that the consequences of the construction are as small as possible. For example, we also pave the old, unpaved road towards the bridges. An independent consultant continuously evaluates this process.

Sustainable Development Goals

The Five Bridges project creates a safer and sustainable city, with better accessibility to residential areas, markets, hospitals and other facilities. This project will reduce inequality between countries, according to Sustainable Development Goal SDG 10. It will also contribute to Sustainable Development Goals SDGs 8 (Decent work and economic growth), 9 (Industry, innovation and infrastructure) and 17 (Partnership to achieve goals).