Mobility and infrastructure

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Mobility and infrastructure

One of our expertise

Ballast Nedam deploys a lot of expertise daily, mobility and infrastructure included. We have been working on infrastructural elements to improve mobility in the Netherlands for many years. We focus on complex tunnels, roads, viaducts, bridges, quay walls and other infrastructural elements.

Our expertise began in 1927 when we built the Afsluitdijk. Now, almost a century later, we are still working on a large scale on smooth mobility in the Netherlands. In doing so, we distinguish ourselves through transparent cooperation with our customers. And, not unimportantly: we always push the boundaries. As a result, we find new, innovative techniques, pushing the limits of what is technically feasible. We tackle these challenges with both hands.

Smart choices

At Ballast Nedam, we do not shy away from a challenge, as was made evident by us taking on the A24 Blankenburgverbinding project. The Maasdeltatunnel originally consisted of five or six tunnel sections that were to be sunk one by one.
This plan got us thinking. Was there a smarter and more efficient way to realise this immersed tunnel? Together with DEME Group, we designed a method in which the excavation pits move further into the waterway. As a result, the tunnel consists of only two immersion elements. Ensuring more convenience to shipping.

About this project

Sustainable asphalt? How it works

Improving mobility and infrastructure goes hand in hand with digitalisation and sustainability. We are fully committed to making our asphalt roads as sustainable as possible. We produce and process asphalt that consists of residual building materials or residual materials, recycled materials have replaced the binding agent.

How do we reuse recycled materials in our asphalt products? The asphalt that we mill becomes considerably smaller during milling, after which it goes to Asfalt en Recycling Business (ARB), where the milling material is broken down, stored separately and classified. In doing so, the grades, the type of crushed stone, and the type of bitumen are considered. This guarantees the quality of the building materials, allowing us to structurally apply top layers with 65% higher reuse.

Selection of projects

We have already realised numerous projects in the field of mobility and infrastructure. A selection from our portfolio:

Numerous examples

At Ballast Nedam, we focus on even more disciplines within Mobility and Infrastructure. We also have expertise in tunneling, road solutions and offshore. We constructed the longest land tunnel in the Netherlands and the largest lift bridge in Europe. And we are currently contributing to the growth of the port of Rotterdam, constructing about 2.4 kilometres of quays and earthworks in the Princess Amalia Harbour.
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