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One of our expertise

Ballast Nedam has a rich history in designing and building on- and offshore wind farms. Our experience dates back to 1993 when we completed our first wind farm projects in Dutch and Scandinavian waters. Until today, we have installed over 500 foundations and other infrastructure for wind turbines that still generate large amounts of sustainable energy every day. Offshore wind is one of the green energy sources that meets the energy needs of the future.

Our specialisation

As an experienced managing EPCI Contractor, Ballast Nedam is active in the design and construction of unique Balance of Plant solutions, for offshore wind foundations and cabling. Our focus is on specialty projects which often require one-off solutions, for instance in difficult soil conditions or nearshore locations. While difficult soil conditions require unique foundation concepts, nearshore locations have limited water depth or are located in the surf zone near the beach. These locations are not accessible to everyone and require specific approach and equipment.

Collaboration is the key to success

The offshore projects are complex due to the circumstances under which a wind turbine foundation is placed and must function. This is affected by many variables. Our strength lies in combining the knowledge of all involved parties in the chain. We understand that a project can only be completed through good cooperation.

Decommissioning offshore wind farms

Next to construction, we focus on offshore wind decommissioning projects. With the first generations of turbines coming to age in the next years and the requirement to revamp existing parks, a large amount of offshore wind turbines and infrastructure will need to be removed. Ballast Nedam is a frontrunner in the offshore wind decommissioning market and has the know-how and capabilities to safely and sustainably remove and recycle offshore wind turbines and infrastructure. The repurposing of steel from decommissioned wind farms, is an important step towards a sustainable and circular future.

Extensive track record

Together with our partners, our teams look for solutions that meet every unique situation. After analysing all variables, including the soil parameters, wave and turbine loads and the customer's requirements, we can carefully determine which installation or decommissioning methodology best suits every specific location. This is how we best support our clients.

Among our completed projects are:

Whitepaper Onshore Monopile Foundation

Innovative foundation concepts are the enabler to develop new wind farm locations, improve economics and meet local low-carbon energy objectives. To meet these challenges, Ballast Nedam has developed a unique onshore monopile foundation. Want to know more? Request the whitepaper via the link below and receive it by e-mail.

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