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One of our expertise

Ballast Nedam deploys a lot of expertise daily, on- and offshore wind included. Offshore wind is one of the green energy sources that meets the energy needs of the future. Ballast Nedam has a rich history in designing and building on- and offshore wind foundations. Our expertise started in 1993 when we completed our first wind farm project on Dutch and Scandinavian waters. Until now, we installed 552 foundations for windmills that still generate large amounts of sustainable energy every day.

Our specialisation

As an experienced managing EPCI Contractor, Ballast Nedam Offshore is specialised in designing and constructing windmill foundations and park cabling at nearshore locations in particular. Nearshore locations are often not accessible to everyone, have limited water depth or are in the surf near the beach. These projects require a fine piece of craftsmanship for which we can refer to our knowledge and experience.

Collaboration is the key to success

The offshore projects are complex due to the circumstances under which a windmill foundation is placed and must function. This is affected by many variables. Our strength lies in combining the knowledge of all involved parties in the chain. We are aware that a project can only be completed through good cooperation. 

Together with our partners, our teams look for solutions that meet every unique situation. After analysing all variables, including the soil parameters, wave and turbine loads and the customer's requirements, we can carefully determine which foundation type best suits every specific location. In collaboration with our project partners, we are also able to install the wind turbines. This is how we unburden our clients.

Foundation solutions

We often use Monopile foundation solutions in our projects, a foundation consisting of a large steel tubular pile-driven (sea) bed. We used this foundation type at Egmond Wind Farm, off the coast at Egmond aan Zee, and at Baltic 2 in the German Baltic Sea and Butendiek in the North Sea.

Our team is able to determine a foundation that suits every situation and, more importantly, that best meets the needs of our clients. In addition to the Monopile, the Ballast Nedam Offshore team also designs and builds other foundation types, such as the steel jacket, a Gravity Based Foundation or a Suction Bucket Jacket. The latest development is a floating foundation solution.
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