Expansion and Modernisation of Water System in Kumasi

We modernised the outdated water installation and the entire water transport system

Working smartly when money and water are in short supply

Kumasi is the second biggest city in Ghana. Here we modernised the outdated water installation and the entire water transport system. As a result, 1.8 million people spread over 30 different towns and villages can once again be sure that they will have a sufficient amount of clean drinking water. Our partnerships at a local level have also given a sustained boost to the local economy.

  • 700 kilometres of pipeline improved
  • 80 kilometres new pipework
  • 1.8 million people supplied with clean drinking water
It is not only water that is in short supply in Ghana, but also money. That means all spending is carefully considered. With the help of a subsidy from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we were able to restore and replace old installations, design and build a sludge treatment plant, install a lifting station and construct a reservoir. We also modernised the complete water transport system, laid new pipes and installed zone and water metres.

Preventing water loss

As the water was scarce, we developed and built a sludge treatment plant to thicken, work and press sludge into clay blocks for housebuilding. Instead of flowing away and being lost, following purification the backwash water was used for distribution. We also prevented the loss of treated/purified water by repairing the old water transport system, from which many litres of water was leaking. We inspected and improved around 700 kilometres of pipeline and also laid 80 kilometres of new pipes.

Lasting value

During this project, we worked together with local people. The knowledge we shared and the experience they acquired will be of lasting value for the region. We also gave an additional boost to the economy over a three year period thanks to the wages paid to the 300 trained and untrained local workers.

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Roy van Eijsden

Managing Director Ballast Nedam International Projects

Roy van Eijsden has 20+ years of experience and has worked on six continents. His motivation: continuous improvement of the countries and living environments where he works.

Roy van Eijsden Directeur Ballast Nedam International
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