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Ballast Nedam Materieel

One of our organisational units

Ballast Nedam consists of 18 organisational units, including Ballast Nedam Materieel (Materieel). Materieel is an equipment rental specialist with logistics centres in Almere, Maarssen and Sittard in the Netherlands. They supply a total concept in construction site equipment. They do this as a technical service for all Ballast Nedam's construction and infrastructural projects and external clients. By professionally arranging the required equipment, they unburden our organisation.


Ballast Nedam Materieel is involved in every Ballast Nedam project, nationally and internationally. Its main activities are the transport and maintenance of rented equipment, the provision of equipment-related services and providing vertical transport using manned cranes. Their work also includes preparing construction sites and construction accommodations, including data, water and electrical installations, fabricating formwork and the management and leasing the Ballast Nedam fleet.

The character of Materieel

Ballast Nedam Materieel employs a special group of people. Over one hundred employees share a common attitude and a heart for the business. "We have a blue and white heart,” explains Managing Director Jeffrey Hoffmann. “Most of our colleagues have been with the company for a long time and are closely linked to it. We like to share our knowledge and expertise and are open to new ideas. Our people work transparently, are dedicated and very committed.”

Way of working

Materieel strives to keep costs as low as possible. That is important for the industry. For 95%, they provide their services internally. Using cost analysis, the company participates right from the start in the tender phase and onwards. Materieel is involved in a project up until it is delivered to the client. If they do not own the materials, they will hire them from cooperation partners.

Materieel is certified for the import and export of materials. This means that they are allowed to load and seal the containers themselves before they are shipped out. The colleagues have also loaded the equipment for the hospital Curaçao Medical Center in containers and exported them by boat. This involved sand, tiles, mirrors, desks and the like.

By supplying their own equipment, the teams have a good overview of the quality, safety and maintenance. 

Distinguishing factors

Ballast Nedam Materieel distinguishes itself in the market. We listed the various factors:

The specialists ensure the knowledge and skills regarding maintenance and deployment of equipment. They provide full service in maintenance and repair, and they take care of the delivery & assembly and, removal & disassembly of the equipment.

Financial solutions
All financial experts contribute to creating the financially most feasible solutions for each project. They maintain a sell/buy-back policy. This works as follows: Materieel sells the equipment to a project when the work commences. When the project is finished, Materieel buys it back from the project. This ensures financial support.

Accessible and fast
Ballast Nedam Materieel is on standby 24/7 and responds quickly, day and night. Supplies are delivered quickly from stock.

Efficient construction logistics
The challenge is to offer efficient solutions within construction logistics and look at it from a different perspective. In the tender phase, they think along, for example, to work with mobile cranes or electric machines or a crane track that runs along with the entire project on the quay wall.

Risk analysis
Every effort is made to ensure safety. For example, test rigs have been used in Almere and with our input, we contributed to the Feringa Building's construction. The construction has been explicitly tested in terms of efficiency and safety.

Ambition for the future

Materieel has a clear objective: zero emissions by 2030. Therefore, it wants to retain knowledge and stay ahead of the market.

To achieve the objective, the organisation is joining forces with competing equipment companies. Within KOMAT, a contact group of equipment services, the group is investigating how equipment can be used intelligently together. "The government is clear. As a construction and development company, we have to be CO2 neutral by 2030. Bramske van Beijma, the new Director of Social Responsibility at Ballast Nedam, is helping us to achieve this. To achieve this standard, we are going to gather a lot of knowledge and continue to innovate," says Director Jeffrey.

Ordering supplies

Ballast Nedam Materieel has its own website where internal and external clients can order their materials. If you have additional questions or requests, please contact us.

Visit the website (Duch only) 

More information?

Jeffrey Hoffmann

Managing Director Ballast Nedam Materieel

Jeffrey has been working at Ballast Nedam since 1994. His passion lies in equipment technology combined with service. In this way, together with his colleagues, he tries to make a valuable contribution to Ballast Nedam's construction projects.

Jeffrey Hoffmann Directeur Ballast Nedam Materieel