Complex buildings: our in-house speciality

We count on our industry's Champions League players


One of our expertise

Ballast Nedam deploys a lot of expertise daily, buildings included. Our greatest strength lies in unburdening our client, both in complex high-rise buildings and in extensive public buildings.

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Our largest projects often come with the greatest challenges and require experienced teams. That is why we use the Champions League players from our sector—a recipe for success. Thanks to our experience and flexibility, we can convert risks into results, such as the largest indoor shopping centre in the Netherlands and the expansion of WTC Amsterdam.

Added value

We focus on achieving the highest possible value from a building for our clients. For example, when we build a large residential tower, we ensure that the long term costs of the building remain as low as possible. With sustainable innovations, we keep the energy costs of future residents low and our environmental footprint as small as possible. At Galaxy Tower in Utrecht, this resulted in solar panels on the roof and the façades.

But it doesn't stop there. Jochem van Uden, Commercial Director of Ballast Nedam Building Projects, explains: “We advise our clients on how to best exploit their buildings. After all, the owner of the building does not receive direct income from a large hallway. After consultation and smart choices, we can guarantee the highest possible number of square meters that can be rented out effectively without compromising the design of the building. The result? A residential tower with an optimised value after completion.

A fine piece of work

What sets us apart in the market is our willingness to take on challenges and keep developing ourselves as builders. Thanks to our experience and flexibility, we can convert risks into results.

A selection of our projects

In our 140 years we have built up a large portfolio of special construction projects, such as high rises, extensive public buildings and complex office buildings.

In Arnhem, we took care of the construction of Arnhem Central station. “Architecturally, the organic design of this building is a Dutch masterpiece,” says Jochem van Uden. “Originally, it was intended to be constructed out of concrete but to avoid obstacles and additional high costs in the implementation; we were encouraged to think outside the box. In the end, we carried out this element in steel. This material weighs less than concrete and minimises the settlement that concrete would normally cause. To achieve a perfect execution, we took professionals on board who are familiar with shipbuilding techniques. They took care of the steel curves with extreme precision. In the end, we still managed to incorporate concrete. On the roof, 1,400 double-curved concrete roof plates gave the building its distinctive look. This element of the project received the 2015 Concrete Award."
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