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Crossing borders

Ballast Nedam International Projects

One of our organisational units

Ballast Nedam consists of 18 organisational units, including Ballast Nedam International Projects (International). International builds large-scale and complex projects worldwide, often under challenging circumstances. The business unit is growing rapidly, particularly in West Africa and the Caribbean. There is a strong focus on Northern and Western Europe. 

Different approach

Ballast Nedam International has a rich history. Africa, the Caribbean, Asia, North America and Europe are known territory for the company. Years of experience with large-scale and complex assignments provide a strong portfolio, including, but not limited to, ports, hospitals and waterworks. This is the foundation for a solid reputation. The added value lies in the combination of flexibility and strict implementation.

Through an intrinsic market, projects are realised in the most efficient and safe way. Operational excellence is the key to success. Logistics can be a major challenge. How does one get the project team and materials on-site? And how does one arrange financial support for the project? Not every construction company is equipped for that.

The character of Ballast Nedam International Projects

"We have the ability to (de)mobilise quickly and to deal flexibly with changing circumstances,” says Managing Director Roy van Eijsden. “This is a fundamental success factor in an international environment. We apply this everywhere and see it as an added value that we clearly emphasise. We want to be a partner for our clients, and good partnership contributes to efficient work."

"Working with local people is an important part of the way we work and is integrated into our organisation. Working like this requires a different approach to each situation, whereby specific training of our employees is extra important, allowing International to better adapt its activities to the local market."


The team prefers to work on complex construction projects, such as ports, airports and other infrastructural challenges; for example, a cruise terminal on St. Lucia and a new water treatment plant with a distribution network in Sri Lanka. Corporate social responsibility is an integrated part of these projects.

Safety concessions are never made. It's about establishing and keeping trust among employees and working in a safe environment. Safety can never be compromised, it is the absolute top priority at any work.

A selection of projects

With its rich history, Ballast Nedam Ballast Nedam International Projects has completed many challenging projects.

Added value by combining forces

International creates added value by joining forces with other Ballast Nedam units and Rönesans Holding. Its strength is shown by combining structured project management, substantive knowledge, mobilising quickly and gaining access to a broader executive organisation. In addition, Ballast Nedam International Projects benefits from economies of scale and international procurement capacity and access to human talent. This means that a large and strong team of talented people can be quickly engaged, wherever they are.

More information?

Roy van Eijsden

Managing Director Ballast Nedam International Projects

Roy van Eijsden has 20+ years of experience and has worked on six continents. His motivation: continuous improvement of the countries and living environments where he works.

Roy van Eijsden Directeur Ballast Nedam International