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Ballast Nedam Building Projects

Ballast Nedam consists of 18 organisational units, including Ballast Nedam Building Projects (Building Projects). Building Projects realises large-scale complex projects. The focus is on building extraordinary architecture, usually under challenging circumstances.

Large works

Building Projects is capable of realising extensive projects with a high degree of project management. On an international level, the division works together with Ballast Nedam International. One example is the Curaçao Medical Center project in the Caribbean.

Large projects completed by this organisational unit include transport terminals, utility housing, offices, hospitals and shopping centres. Most projects they take on have either unique architecture, challenging logistics or a high level of complexity.

The character of Ballast Nedam Building Projects

Building Projects is a versatile organisational unit, says Managing Director Halbe Veenstra: "No job is too much for us. We operate in any market segment, and we can go in any desirable direction. As a result, we can adapt like a chameleon to the demands of our clients."

Ballast Nedam Building Projects only looks for the top players in the industry to operate at a high level—a mix of proven veterans and high potentials. Our teams have an eye on their surroundings, and they can realise large-scale buildings on a small construction site with minimum disruption. We share one goal: to realise the most complicated projects in the Netherlands. 

Three examples to be proud of

Ballast Nedam Building Projects’ portfolio consists of a large amount of best practices. The ASR head office, for example, where they completely stripped an office building of one hundred thousand square meters with energy label G. They rebuilt it to an A+++ label. Meanwhile, business continued uninterrupted. The project won ‘De Bouwpluim’, an award for the most sustainable building in the Netherlands and the best contractor in the Netherlands.

Another example is Westfield Mall of the Netherlands, where Building Projects turned an open-air shopping centre into the largest and most luxurious indoor shopping centre in the Netherlands with almost military precision.

At Hart van Zuid in Rotterdam, they successfully used 'Social Return' in collaboration with the municipality of Rotterdam. People from the surrounding area who had difficulty finding work were involved in the project. They helped with various tasks such as tidying up the building site and carpentry work. The team also facilitated them in their search for their talents.

A selection of projects

Ballast Nedam Building Projects has dozens of challenging projects to its name. A selection of the portfolio:

Efficiency with an eye for detail

Making these large plans feasible is important for Ballast Nedam Building Projects. In the tender phase, we already think ahead to make the execution as efficient as possible by making the right choices in materials and design.

An example is the realisation of Arnhem Central Station. The project featured large-scale organic forms and was originally planned to be realised in solid concrete. This proved to be impossible due to technical risks in terms of weight and shrinkage factors. We looked at shipbuilding techniques by thinking out-of-the-box, where specialists have fully mastered this special design technique with steel. With success! Many awards have been won for the use of concrete and steel.

The network of Ballast Nedam Building Projects 

Building Projects realises iconic buildings for and with its relations. Clients know Building Projects because of the large scale and complexity of the projects. Previous experience stimulates them to return to Building Projects for further cooperation. Thanks to the parent company Rönesans Holding there is a strong international orientation, and international knowledge and expertise are used in every project.

The relationship with the client is of paramount importance. Through the process-driven approach, Building Projects manages to discuss any possible bottlenecks upfront. This enables them to anticipate risks before the project begins and ensure they are not confronted with unexpected issues.

More information?

Halbe Veenstra

Managing Director Ballast Nedam Building Projects

Since March 1, 2021, Halbe holds the position of Managing Director at Ballast Nedam Building Projects. He is responsible for the realisation of construction projects and the satisfaction of clients and stakeholders are the primary concern.